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[Ilyosisa News] Questions to Chairman Yoon Sukhun, the Expert of Iran about the Seizure of Korean Tanker in Iran

Sun Jan 24 2021 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

[Ilyosisa News Coverage Team 1]
Reporter Jang Ji Seon: Seemingly, the conflict between Korea and Iran surrounding the seizure of Korean tanker is likely to last longer than once expected. In search for the cause and solution of the incident, we have interviewed Mr. Yoon Sukhun, the former chairman of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry(Current Chairman of Asia Economic Development committee).

As far as the conflict between Korea and Iran is concerned, Mr. Yoon Sukhun, the former chairman of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry(Current Chairman of AEDC, Asia Economic Development Committee), he assumes that the disappointment Iran had on Korea, a country Iran views as its friendly nation, for taking stronger stance than any other nations when it comes to complying with the U.S sanctions has resulted in the current incident.

1. The Korean government issued an official statement claiming that the Iranian revolutionary guard seized the Korean tanker.
➢ Technically, unlike what the government is claiming, we cannot say that the tanker was seized. It was in the international water at the moment of the incident, and sailed to the Iranian water voluntarily. There was no use of arms by the Iranian revolutionary guard throughout the process. Importantly, Lee Chun Hee, the CEO of DM Shipping, mentioned in the interview with the press that “the tanker sailed to the Iranian water voluntarily, therefore, technically, it cannot be called seizure.”

2. Why is it important to determine whether the tanker was seized?
➢ If it is confirmed that the tanker was seized, which means a civilian tanker of one nation was forcefully taken by a military force of another nation, the incident can be viewed as a strict violation of international law, particularly, the Geneva convention. Therefore, since there is difference in the two nations’ viewpoint, the nature of the incident must be clarified primarily. That is to say, it is good for Korea not to claim that its tanker was seized. Besides, the owner already mentioned that its tanker was not “seized”, which appears to be the most accurate explanation given so far.

3. What is the root cause of the incident?
➢ The essential cause of the incident is the disappointment that Iran had on Korea. Since June, the Iranian president Dr. Rouhani wrote letters to the president Moon twice. Also, the Iranian government has delivered its intentions clearly to the government of Korea through several different ways, one of them was by summoning Korean ambassador to Iran in November 2019. Nevertheless, the Korean government has done nothing, but leaned on excuses to avoid problems. If we look at the logic behind Korea’s attitude, which basically can be summarized as “there is nothing we can do, because of the U.S sanctions”, from Iran’s perspective, it is likely that Iran would view it as a betrayal of longtime friendship between the two nations.

4. Specifically, could you explain what disappointment does Iran have?
➢ The Iranian Embassy in Korea does not have its official bank account in Korea. It is one of many examples that amounts to the disappointment that Iran has on Korea. This point becomes clearer when we consider that even the U.S, a country that began imposing sanctions against Iran in the first place, allowed Iranian Embassy in New York to open an official bank account at its banks in compliance with Vienna convention. Korea, on the other hand, has been refusing to allow Iran to open a bank account based on inconsistent reasons like the one I mentioned earlier. What would Iran’s reaction towards the Korean government be, when every time they visit Namdaemun local market to exchange currencies.

5. Could you explain more about Iran’s frozen fund in Korea?
➢ Iran must have a lot to say about its frozen fund in Korea. The fund is neither illegal nor political, rather it is rightly earned money through petroleum trade between Korea and Iran. Importing petroleum from Iran was originally banned by the U.S, later, however, it was exceptionally approved by the members of the international community including the U.S through the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It was approved and signed by the Obama administration, but later the agreement was abolished by the former president Donald Trump, and Iran’s access to the fund has been denied since then.

6. What would you say about the Korean government’s dispatch of Chung-hae military unit in response to the incident?
➢ Chung-hae unit’s responsibility is to protect Korean ships from the actual threat of pirates in Africa and middle east regions. They did the right thing based on the existing protocols, and there was neither political nor military motives involved in the action. In fact, Chung-hae unit has never engaged in a fight with other nation’s military forces since when it was first deployed to the local area.

7. The deputy minister of foreign affairs Choi Jong Geon returned to Korea from Iran empty-handed, what would you say about this?
➢ It is understandable that the government sent its high officials for negotiation. Of course some raised objections about the delegation’s incompetence, pointing to its unpreparedness that it should have before the visit. But, it is wrong to view the visit as a 100% failure, the government did what they had to do according to its diplomatic protocol, which is to dispatch a person in charge to deal with the matter.

8. Now it seems that the Korean tanker and its crews will be detained longer than expected, what is your view on this?
➢ It is mainly because of the passive attitude of the Korean government. The government officials of Korea are always reluctant to do anything that takes much effort. It feels like talking to a wall when having a conversation with them. Iran is outraged by the attitude of the Korean government, who Iran believes to be its old friend, because, the government has been inconsistently making excuses based on the U.S sanctions. The incident may take much longer period of time to solve than anyone could expect depending on what kind of stance the government will take.

9. Will the crews be safe?
➢ We should not be too worried about the crew’s safety if we look at the relationship between Korea and Iran. Currently, it is experiencing some emotional conflict, but it is not hostile. If there is one thing that concerns me with respect to the safety of crews, it would be COVID-19.

10. How is the overall situation in Iran?
➢ Iran has been subject to sanctions since the collapse of Pahlavi dynasty. With the inauguration of the president Donald Trump, it had to face the stronger sanctions than any other U.S administrations in recent history has ever imposed. Therefore, Iran’s economy has been experiencing many difficulties. The U.S should have supported the president Rouhani, who is known to be a moderate. It would have helped Iran open up its border and mind. Unfortunately, the U.S did the opposite thing, which made Iran’s disbelief on the U.S grew even larger.

11. On 20th, the Biden administration took the office of presidency. What influence would this change have on the current issue?
➢ Unlike the former president Trump, the president Biden believes in multilateralism, especially when it comes to diplomacy. During Obama administration, then vice president Biden handled all negotiations with Iran throughout the course of signing the nuclear agreement. So he knows Iran well. Because, the president Biden is a multilateralist, who also believes in parliamentarism, it is reasonable to believe that he will listen to opinions of many nations and people.

12. How should the Korean government modify its approaches through Iran policy to solve this problem?
➢ First, the Korean government must be more serious about this issue. If we look at the issue in Iran’s perspective, we may find an answer. We must always be serious and approach with sincerity when it comes to dealing with not only diplomacy, but also businesses and human relations even in times of conflict. We should not be too calculative about the issue. It is not about fighting to win, but to understand and solve the problem.

13. Can we employ anything learned from the past diplomatic experience?
➢ The Korean government must employ what it learned from the experience in establishing diplomatic relationship with China. On 23rd of August, 1992, a day before forming a diplomatic tie with China, the Korean government unilaterally informed Taiwan, Korea’s close ally at the moment, about its diplomatic stance, and established relationship with China. Subsequently, Korea’s trade with Taiwan was suspended, and its economic losses were massive. On the other hand, China has been consistently engaging in deep conversation with North Korea. Then Chinese president Jiang Ze Min met with then president of North Korea Kim Il Sung multiple times to persuade and explain about China’s diplomatic stance. As you can see, the Chinese government took a completely different approaches compared to the Korean government.

14. The Korean government is considering dispatching a special envoy as its next move. What is your opinion about this?
➢ In order to solve this issue, multiple approaches from different angles are needed. Dispatching a special envoy may be a good option, however I do not believe that it will bring out huge differences. When the prime minister Lee Hae Chan was deployed to China to deal with matters related to THAAD, he returned empty- handed. Can anything deep inside mind be discussed in front of a camera? I doubt it. In this case, we must make good use of personal ties with Iran. Dispatching a secret envoy, particularly a person who Iran is familiar with, and having a deeper conversation would be a lot more helpful than dispatching a special envoy.

15. Would you like to say anything to readers who are not so familiar with Iran?
➢ Iranian people share a similar tradition with us. They value families, live with parents as they age, and they respect elderly. The tie between Korea and Iran began since the kingdom of Silla in Korean peninsula. There is a story about a queen of Silla helping to found a Persian empire in Iranian history. We have had a long-lasting relationship with Iran. I hope Korea and Iran can get over this hardship wisely and enjoy an opportunity to further develop the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

[original article]

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[중국현지보도]윤석헌 회장, 세계 최대 박람회, CIFTIS

Fri May 31 2019 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

윤석헌 회장 : 원벨트 원로드 한중일 협력 추진 尹锡宪:一带一路促进中日韩经济合作




스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png

[중국현지보도] 중교 1 국 그룹 해외 총괄 당위서기, 유동원 회장 방한, 현대,포스코 건설 방문

Sun Jan 13 2019 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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The Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry offered a humanitarian consignment to the quake-affected people of Kermanshah through the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS).

Wed Oct 17 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

TEHRAN, October 29 (IRCS) _ The Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry offered a humanitarian consignment to the quake-affected people of Kermanshah through the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS).

Referring to the deep historical links between Iran and South Korea, Yoon said: “During oil crisis, Iran helped us very much and was beside the Korean people as far as one of the most famous streets in South Korea is named Tehran.”
He also added that the Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry was ready to help the Iranian Red Crescent Society in other areas.

스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png

[Ilyo Sisa] Seminar on the Future Plan of Action for Korean Enterprises After the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement

Wed Aug 22 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

[Ilyo Sisa] Seminar on the Future Plan of Action for Korean Enterprises After the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement

Hasan Taherian, Iranian ambassador to South Korea, Mr. Yoon Suk Hun, chairman of Korea-Iran chamber of commerce, Mr. Choi Wan Soo, chairman of CEO union of small and medium sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do, Mr. Kim Dong Eun, member of the law firm Kwang Jang will be participating in a seminar which will take place at 11 am on 22, August, 2018, in the Innovation Room located in the third floor of Gyeonggi Business & Science Accelerator. A topic of discussion will be about the future path and measures of Korean enterprises after US’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

On 8th of May, 2018, the president Donald Trump has officially abolished Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was jointly signed by the former U.S president Barack Obama, Germany, and five other member states of the UN Security Council on 14th of June, 2015.

On 7th of August 2018, shortly after the U.S under the leadership of Trump administration withdrew from JCPOA, it has officially decided to reactivate restrictions on Iran, and announced that starting in November it will put a collective ban on the imports of Iranian oil.

With this background, a strategic seminar will be hosted with a number of distinguished guests including the above mentioned attendees to seek business solutions and measures for Korean enterprises, particularly the small and medium sized entities, and also to contrive a plan of action in line with the international law for individual company.

This seminar is hosted by Korea-Iran chamber of commerce and CEO union of small and medium sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do, a home to the greatest number of small and medium sized enterprises in Korea, and constructive discussions about pending issues such as import and export businesses with Iran, and to seek realistic measures will take place.

For those enterprises that have been in contact with the local Iranian companies and wish to prepare for a long-term effect of the U.S-Iran relations, practical and specific discussions about handling matters associated with uncollected trade fund will follow throughout the seminar.

■ Date: at 11 am on Wednesday, 22 of August, 2018 ■ Location: Innovation Room located in the third floor of Gyeonggi Business & Science Accelerator

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[중국현지보도]华夏幸福 중국최대 부동산 개발상 화시아 행복 그룹 MOU 체결

Mon Jul 02 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

华夏幸福 중국최대 부동산 개발상 화시아 행복 그룹 MOU 체결 2018年7月3日,华夏·北京丰台创客邦、韩国亚太经济文化研究会与云腾高科(北京)科技发展有限公司三方共同签署了《战略合作协议》,并授予华夏·北京丰台创客邦“中韩高新技术与产品交流服务中心”的牌匾。



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[MBN] Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce Together with LG Household & Health Care Provided Three Billion KRW Worth of Relief Supplies

Sat Apr 28 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

[MBN] Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce Together with LG Household & Health Care Provided Three Billion KRW Worth of Relief Supplies

Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce (Chairman Yoon Suk Hun) together with LG Household & Health Care Ltd. have become the first civil entity to donate relief supplies to Kermanshah Province, Iran.

On 27th at the conference room of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce located in the Songpa district, Yoon Suk Hun, the chairman of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce, hosted a ceremony to deliver relief supplies to help restore the earthquake affected region of Kermanshah Province, Iran.

Mr. Yoon mentioned that “the relief items are not the ones that have been in stock for long period of time, but they are recently produced items, there has not been a single case where a Korean civil entity provided relief supplies to foreign nations to help restore damages caused by earthquake until us, so I believe our effort will contribute largely to building positive image of Korea in Iran.”

In addition, he added, “we hoped to deliver the warm message of Korean people to Iran through this support, therefore the items consist of the new products made by LG Household & Health Care”. In response, the government of Iran and Iranian Red Crescent Society expressed words of gratitude.

The birth of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce dates back to 1990, when the chairman Yoon’s personal connection with Iran started.

The organization was not officially established due to the U.S sanctions. It came to existence as an NGO in April, 2017 with the strong support from the government of Iran since when the nuclear agreement was signed in July, 2015. Its office is located in the center of Tehran street.

Mr. Park Heon Young, the senior executive of LG Household & Health Care, who attended the ceremony said that “I hope this relief we provide can be a small grain of wheat for the Iranian people, and hope that such overseas support projects will continue”.

"I would like to thank Chairman Yoon Suk Hun and LG Household & Health Care for this relief," said Solbi, who officially attended the ceremony as an acting ambassador of Iran.

The relief supplies are composed of three billion KRW worth of daily necessities including female sanitary pad, cosmetics, shampoo, and diaper etc.

The Korean government also provided $300,000 worth of humanitarian aid in the wake of the Iran earthquake in November 2017, but this is the first time that its civil entity is providing one.

Mr. Song Chul-kyu, the secretary general of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce, hosted the ceremony to deliver relief supplies for the earthquake affected regions of Kermanshah Province, Iran. Attendees were Mr. Yoon Suk Hun, Mr. Park Heon Young, councilor Solbi, and about twenty people from LG Household & Health Care

Mr. Yoon, the chairman of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce, said that “this delivery of relief supplies by civil entities of Korea will refresh the perception that Iranian people hold toward Korean people, which in turn will greatly help the future entry of Korean enterprises into the Iranian markets

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[중국현지보도] 이란 호메이니 공항 건설 伊朗霍梅尼机场建设项目

Mon Apr 16 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




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[중국현지보도] 중국 아시아 경제 개발위원회 서명식

Tue Mar 27 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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S Korea pitch for joint forum
Delegation from city of Daegu in Ranchi, CM plans return visit in Aug.

Sun Jul 16 2017 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Ranchi, July 11: The principal economic adviser to the city of Daegu, South Korea, believes that Jharkhand has enough potential to attract foreign funding to boost development and the local economy, but stresses on "breaking stereotypes" to ensure success.

Suk Hun, Yoon, on a two-day visit to Ranchi, met chief minister Raghubar Das yesterday and came out impressed.

"When I say stereotype, I mean regular offerings to investors like reduction in taxes, speedy clearances etc. All states looking to attract investors do this. But what make the difference are intangible virtues like the urge to develop long-term friendships, seamless cooperation and bonhomie for all-round exchanges. I sensed that your CM is eager to walk these extra miles, which impressed us the most," he told The Telegraph about his meeting.

Yoon, who is also chairman of Korea-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry, met with chief secretary Rajbala Verma this afternoon.

Jharkhand, he said, had immense natural resources and manpower, but was devoid of financial support to progress rapidly.

"Also, the structure of the state has been such that it is only limited to selling raw material outside the state. As a result, it continues to remain devoid of actual benefits, like creating jobs etc. Therefore, our focus now is to work with the state government on charting out ways to attract investment and create feasible conditions," he added.

To begin with, Yoon said they would create a common community forum comprising India, Japan and Korea with Jharkhand as the key driver to work on common causes.

"The CM has readily agreed to this platform, which will help regular exchange of ideas, business promotion, talks and discussions on problems and solutions for speedy action," he said, adding that slowly, more states and countries with common goals would be roped in.

A delegation from Jharkhand was expected to visit South Korea and Japan soon. Industries department secretary Sunil Kumar Barnwal said the state delegation, led by Das, was expected to visit South Korea and Japan in the second week of August.

"The dates will be finalised in a day or two," he said.

On what Jharkhand was expecting from the visit, Barnwal said that they were looking at key sectors like automobile, textile, electronics and information technology.

"Koreans have expertise in automobile and technology-enabled manufacturing. So, we are looking to tap those. The city of Daegu is known for textiles, so we are looking for cross-border trade pacts and projects," he explained.

A delegation from Korea that visited Ranchi during the Global Investors Summit in February had expressed its keenness to set up a Korean park. According to Barnwal, the state government had earmarked a few acres at Tupudana in Namkum block for it.

"We had shown them the area at the time to set up the park aimed at creating an ecosystem for Koreans by establishing facilities tuned to their tastes like companies, food, etc. The finer points will be worked out," he said.

[original article]

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[중국현지보도] 아시아 경제 개발 위원회, 중국 바이두 백과 공식 등재

Wed Dec 31 2014 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png


Tue Nov 06 2012 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png

[중국인민일보]윤석헌 회장, 중국 지진 피해지역 2000만 달러 (1억 위안) 기증

Sun Sep 16 2012 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

중국 14 개성 지진, 홍수, 가난, 재난 지역과 빈곤 지역에 의류 기증(23 만 벌 의류, 한화 약 230억원)
新华社北京9月14日电(记者 崔静)为纪念中韩建交20周年,韩国亚太经济文化研究会14日向中国宋庆龄基金会捐赠价值人民币1亿余元的服装,这批服装将由中国宋庆龄基金会直接发放给中国经济欠发达地区的中小学生。




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[중국중앙정부] 아시아경제개발 위원회 중화인민공화국중앙인민정부 공식 등재

Thu Sep 13 2012 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png

[중국현지보도]중국국제우호촉진회, 윤석헌 회장 ,중국 인민우호 사자 수상, 조어대 국빈관

Thu Aug 29 2002 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


스크린샷 2021-02-13 오후 5.17.17.png
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